Mitigation Banking Companies in Florida

Mitigation Banking Companies in Florida The Mitigation Banking Group (MBG) is one of the most esteemed and respected mitigation banking Companies in Florida. Our mission is to streamline the mitigation process by providing knowledge and expertise to help you with the environmental permitting process with the State and Federal Agencies. Mitigation Banking History in the U.S: 1969 The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was one of the first laws ever written that establishes the broad national framework for protecting our environment. NEPA’s basic

Wetland Mitigation and Species Conservation in Florida

Wetland Mitigation and Species Conservation in Florida Transcript Victoria: So a wetland mitigation bank, as you know, is a protected land. And it’s an average acreage of about 1,000. They range anywhere from 300 acres to 25,000 acres within the state of Florida. And a wetland mitigation bank is not just a great site. It needs to be degraded. We need to bring it back up to its natural state. So if we find a suitable mitigation

2021 Florida Mitigation Banking Workshop

2021 Florida Mitigation Banking Workshop Proud to be a member of the Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers! Since 2008, the Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers has been working hard to promote and advance an efficient and successful private compensatory wetland and conservation marketplace that supports economic development and ecological function through the restoration of wetlands and species’ habitats throughout the State of Florida. Continued regulatory changes and industry-related threats demand a need for a strong, unified voice. FAMB stands

What Are Wetlands And How Are They Important?

Wetlands are between aquatic and land-based ecosystems, temporarily or permanently submerged in water. They are the water systems in the landscape, capturing, storing and slowly releasing water. They provide habitats and refuge for up to 40% of biodiversity including vulnerable and endangered flora and fauna. They support many birds, amphibians, fish, and plant species by providing vital breeding, feeding, and nesting grounds. They also form corridors for migrating species. Healthy wetlands provide many benefits and services that far exceed those of terrestrial

How to Permit a Wetland Mitigation Bank in Florida?

HOW TO PERMIT A WETLAND MITIGATION BANK IN FLORIDA? To permit a mitigation bank, one will need to obtain a State (FDEP) and Federal MBI (USACOE) Timeline: It takes approx. 2 years for a state permit and 7 years for a federal permit. You should evaluate what other mitigation banks are currently within the same drainage basin/watershed to understand mitigation credit pricing, absorption, and availability of current inventory. Depending on SEVERAL factors, you can guesstimate that you can obtain 1 Credit for Every

Current Implementation of Waters of the United States

BREAKING NEWS The Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are in receipt of the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona’s August 30, 2021, order vacating and remanding the Navigable Waters Protection Rule in the case of Pascua Yaqui Tribe v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In light of this order, the agencies have halted implementation of the Navigable Waters Protection Rule and are interpreting “waters of the United States” consistent with the pre-2015 regulatory regime until further notice.   WHAT DOES THIS

FAEP Annual VIRTUAL Conference and Training Symposium 2021

FAEP Annual VIRTUAL Conference and Training Symposium 2021 Join the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (FAEP) for the Annual VIRTUAL Conference & Training Symposium. The Florida Association of Environmental Professional is an affiliate of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP).  The Florida state chapter was founded in 1987 and has eight local chapters throughout the state. FAEP is a multidisciplinary professional association of Environmental Professionals from a variety of disciplines including: biologists, scientists, geologists, environmental engineers, environmental attorneys, wetland scientists, botanists, planners,

Coastal Cleanup On September 18th by Marine Resources Council


The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc. is proud to be a Golden Lagoon Hero Sponsor for the Annual International Coastal Clean-Up on Saturday, September 18, 2021 (8 AM – 12 PM). The Cleanup will take place along the shores of the Pineda Causeway & POW / MIA Park (formerly Pineda Landing Park in Brevard County, Florida). Hope to see you there! RSVP

FAMB’s Annual 2021 Mitigation Banking Workshop

The Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers invites you to attend our annual Mitigation Banking Workshop on Thursday, September 30th and Friday morning, October 1st at the Jacksonville River City Downtown Hotel.  Thursday will focus on discussions from state and federal regulators. Their Friday program will provide a series of discussions on various industry topics of interest. Please feel free to share with any mitigation banker, environmental consultant, engineer, attorney or landowner who may be interested in attending. Please note the workshop

Victoria’s Presentation at 35th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School

Wetland Mitigation in Florida Presented by Victoria Colangelo. We are excited to be presenting at the JW Marriott Marco Island for the 2021 Summer School which fell over the dates July 20-23, 2021! This is one of our favorite events of the year. If you were not there this year, please plan on attending next year as it is really Florida’s largest and best environmental conference. Victoria K. Colangelo is the CEO of The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc. She has over