Streamlining Permit Applications: The New RRS Platform from USACE

Streamlining Permit Applications: The New RRS Platform from USACE


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has announced that the new national online application portal and management platform, known as the Regulatory Request System (RRS) now includes an electronic submission option for permit applications. This platform has been introduced to modernize our permit application process and to address our users’ expectations by providing a straightforward and transparent process for the submittal of permit requests.

RRS is a web-based platform currently in a beta version that enables users to submit pre-application meeting requests, jurisdictional determination requests, and now applications for individual and general permits. This new system aims to streamline the process, improve efficiency, and provide a more user-friendly experience for our applicants.


RRS will not only benefit our users by simplifying the application process but will also enhance our ability to effectively manage and review permit requests. This modernization initiative will lead to improved customer satisfaction and greater overall efficiency within our Regulatory Program.

In line with its commitment to transparency, USACE is actively seeking public, federal, state, and local input on the new system. Feedback is crucial as it will be used to refine and improve the RRS experience. Interested parties are encouraged to submit their comments and suggestions to ensure the system meets community and stakeholder needs effectively.

For organizations and professionals in environmental sectors, such as mitigation banking, the new RRS platform offers a more straightforward path to obtaining necessary permits. This is especially relevant in light of recent regulatory changes and the need for efficient project approvals.

To explore the RRS and participate in the public feedback process, visit the official USACE RRS portal at

For additional insights into how this development impacts environmental conservation and mitigation banking, please watch the full video below.


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