Florida Gulf Coast Mitigation Bank



The Florida Gulf Coast Mitigation Bank provides state and federal Freshwater Depression Marsh and Freshwater Forested credits within the Waccasassa River Basin, Suwannee River Basin, Coastal Rivers Basin and Withlacoochee River Basin within the Suwannee River Water Management District.

The mitigation bank also provides Saltwater Tidal Marsh Wetland Credits to the following Basins:

SWFWD: Upper Coastal and Withlacoochee River Basin

SRWMD: Wacassassa, Lower Suwanee, Coastal Basin and Aucilla Basin

NWFWD: St Marks River and Ochlockonee Basin

Mitigation Bank credits are available to offset unavoidable wetland impacts with UMAM credits.
The Florida Gulf Coast Mitigation Bank is a 1,587.50- acre mitigation bank that is located in Levy County, Florida. The mitigation bank will preserve environmentally sensitive lands through a conservation easement, removing exotic and invasive species, replace roads and culverts with low-water crossings (LWCs) to restore the hydrology; and, implement a native/historic prescribed fire program for upland areas.

Saltwater Service Area

Freshwater Service Area