AVAILABILITY & PRICES MITIGATION BANK CREDITS OUR SERVICES Mitigation Banks Preserve & Restore Wetlands with large parcels of contiguous land to
offset unavoidable wetland impacts for a landowner to utilize their land.
Preservation and Restoration

At MBG, Inc. we offer long-term project solutions by preserving and restoring large scale environmental restoration projects which will be preserved for future generations. A mitigation bank generates credits for the amount and quality of habitat the bank site improves which offsets, or compensates for, expected adverse impacts

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At MBG, we provide a full service approach for wetland mitigation and conservation credit sales. Our comprehensive support, unparalleled customer service and our competitive pricing, guarantees an effortless process for our clients!

Victoria K. Colangelo, CEO & Founder

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In 1989 President George H. W. Bush established the National policy of “nonet loss of wetlands”.

The No Net Loss policy means that lost wetlands functions must be restored through the mitigation process of preserving existing wetlands and enhancing their functionality. The goal of the policy is to balance wetland loss due to economic development with wetlands reclamation, mitigation, and restorations efforts, so that the total acreage of wetlands in the watershed/drainage basin does not decrease, but remains constant or increases.

About Wetland Mitigation

Mitigation Banking is the preservation, enhancement, restoration or creation of a wetland which offsets, or compensates for, expected adverse impacts to similar nearby ecosystems.

Mitigation Banking helps in preserving the diversity of nature. It helps in balancing the negative effect of growing industrialization on wetlands, natural habitats, and streams to a greater extent. Moreover, the economies of scale and technological expertise of mitigation banking raise its efficiency in terms of cost as well as the quality of restored acreage.”

Mitigation Banks have been previously degraded by ditching, cattle grazing, planted pine plantation, exotic species invasion, and prolonged fire suppression, resulting in significantly degraded wetland habitats.

The restoration of the land consists of enhancement and restoration of wetlands and uplands through plantings, nuisance/exotic vegetation removal, restoration of historic drainage patterns and hydrologic connections through the construction of low water crossings, backfilling ditches, exotic species eradication, pine tree thinning, prescribed burning, and preservation through execution of a conservation easement; which will restore all of the wetland and upland buffer habitats to their optimal condition.

Mitigation Banking is a cost-effective way of reducing delays in permitting and ensuring vital natural areas are preserved for future generations.

We manage and streamline the complex relationships between developers, landowners, regulatory agencies and mitigation bankers involved in development projects by providing innovative mitigation solutions.

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In certain circumstances, impacts may be inevitable. In such cases, we provide environmental compensation through the provision of mitigation credits as ecological offsets.

Wetland Mitigation Bank Credits provide equal or greater long-term ecological value than the area being impacted.



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