Market Analysis

Mitigation Banks

The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc.  methodically produces both market and feasibility analyses for mitigation bankers, landowners and capital investor groups.  During the strategic planning process, we conduct a detailed analysis of historic sales, projected yearly credit absorption and anticipated credit pricing.  In addition to recognizing the market and gauging the competitors, we can effectively determine the market value of any environmental asset. 

Our team at MBG has over fifteen years of experience in the Mitigation Banking industry.  Our practice at selling mitigation credits and working in a regulatory climate, allows us to identify hidden challenges and latest trends in the marketplace.   At MBG, we facilitate and simplify the project planning for our clients by providing a strategic and attentive approach. 

A detailed Market Analysis Summary Report complete with sources and procedure of how data was obtained to yield analysis.
Report to include:

  • Competitors in the Marketplace and their inventory (currently Available & Potential)
  • Historic Sales Analysis of mitigation credits within each Basin
  • Estimated Future Credit Sale Absorption
  • Current and Estimated Credit Pricing in the Basin
  • Historical Impacts and Current Permitting Activity
  • Market Saturation Analysis