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Webster Creek Mitigation Bank


The Webster Creek Mitigation Bank provides state Herbaceous & Forested Saltwater Marine UMAM credits within the Northern Indian River Lagoon (Basin 21) & Halifax River Basin (Basin 17).

The Mitigation Bank encompasses 116.64 acres that is located adjacent to the Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve, which is an Outstanding Florida Water, and is bisected by Webster Creek Mitigation Bank.

The bank is comprised of a diversity of upland and wetland ecological communities and will contribute to a regional integrated ecological network. Implementation of the mitigation plan will enhance, restore, and preserve these communities as native, sustainable communities and will provide benefits to on-site species as well as off-site species in the nearby protected lands as well as the waters within the Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve. The mitigation bank will contribute, in conjunction with other regional resources, to the long-term viability of various listed species in this region. Based upon the community types found on the site, the mitigation bank property could provide habitat and food sources for several different species that are either endangered, threatened, or of special concern to the state of Florida. This project can reasonably be expected to offset estuarine forested, submerged and tidal benthic wetlands, and estuarine herbaceous wetland impacts within the MSA.

Webster Creek Mitigation Bank