Barberville Mitigation Bank

Barberville Mitigation Bank

In partnership with the County of Volusia, The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc. has been awarded the exclusive representation for the mitigation bank credit sales. The Barberville Mitigation Bank was permitted in 1996 by the St. Johns River Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The 1,083.29 acres is conserved & restored land that will forever be conservation and managed in perpetuity. The property provides to be the missing link to connect wildlife to the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge. The mitigation bank is located within the St. Johns River (Wekiva To Welaka Basin).

Habitats that will be preserved and restored on the site include cypress swamps, mixed wetland hardwoods, hydric pine flatwoods, freshwater marshes, and associated uplands, including long leaf pine, wiregrass prairies, and pastures.

These permits went beyond management, preservation and required wetland enhancement/restoration and upland management.

When the credits are all sold and transferred, the mitigation bank will be funded with a Perpetual Long Term Financial Mechanism to maintain the property as conservation land forever!