Brandy Branch Mitigation Bank

Brandy Branch Mitigation Bank

Welcome to Brandy Branch Mitigation Bank (BBMB)

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Nassau County, Florida, the Brandy Branch Mitigation Bank encompasses 762.38 acres of vital freshwater wetland. With a prime location along the St. Mary’s River, which includes 2.5 miles of river frontage and four tributaries flowing through and terminating within the bank, BBMB stands as a cornerstone in regional conservation efforts.


Bank Features and Ecological Value:

BBMB’s location is particularly strategic, situated between the St. Mary’s River and Brandy Branch. The area features riverine floodplain communities that include oxbows of the St. Mary’s River and is historically dominated by bottomland hardwood forests. Upland communities, mainly found on higher bluffs along the river and sandhill islands, add to the site’s ecological diversity.

Historically, the land underwent various clearing and silviculture activities, which the bank now aims to remediate. The primary goal of BBMB is to restore water quality and habitat for federal and state-protected species, significantly contributing to the regional wildlife habitat corridor system across Northeast Florida.


Restoration and Mitigation Objectives:

  1. Regulatory Objective: Provide Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) credits for public and private entities requiring mitigation for impacts on forested freshwater wetlands within the St. Mary’s River Watershed (HUC 03070204).
  2. Restoration Objective: Focus on the natural regeneration of the bottomland hardwood forests and maintenance of the upland ecological communities to ensure long-term ecological functionality.
  3. Water Quality Objective: Improve water quality by ceasing previous silviculture activities that increased turbidity levels in the waterways. Key actions include the removal of logging debris that has obstructed natural water flow, thereby restoring natural hydrologic conditions and supporting the recovery of the macro-benthic insect population vital for the aquatic food chain.


Impact and Compliance

BBMB serves a dual purpose: fulfilling the requirements of the Clean Water Act, Section 404, and providing a robust solution for both permitted impacts and rectifying violations. The mitigation credits from BBMB not only meet strict regulatory standards but also offer developers and public agencies a reliable, high-quality option for offsetting environmental impacts.


For pricing information and further details on how you can utilize the Brandy Branch Mitigation Bank for your mitigation needs, please contact us directly.

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