Basin 22 Mitigation Bank

Discover Basin 22 Mitigation Bank: A Premier Environmental Restoration and Conservation Opportunity


Located in the dynamic ecosystem from Melbourne to Fort Pierce on Florida’s east coast, the Basin 22 Mitigation Bank represents an unparalleled opportunity for environmental impact and investment. As the only mitigation bank within its basin, spanning 2,000 acres in the Vero Beach area, it stands out for its strategic importance and potential for substantial environmental contributions.

This state and federally approved UMAM project includes both forested and herbaceous lands and is fully funded, ensuring long-term sustainability and impact. With 550 credits available and unreleased, it meets a critical need for offsetting unavoidable environmental impacts within the Basin 22 region.

Investors and developers have a unique chance to be part of a project that not only offers significant ecological benefits but also comes with an additional 4,000 acres of entitled land available for sale by the Basin 22 Mitigation Bank.

A Sustainable Investment: Credits are priced at $250,000, reflecting the value and exclusivity of the mitigation offered. This bank has been meticulously developed to enhance, preserve, and create wetlands, serving as a vital offset to impacts within the service area and contributing to the preservation and restoration of Florida’s natural habitats.

Join us in advancing environmental restoration and conservation efforts while seizing a unique investment opportunity in the heart of Florida.

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