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The Garcon Peninsula Mitigation Bank (GPMB) is a 337-acre project in Santa Rosa County, Florida, designed to restore degraded wetland prairie habitat. This involves removing man-made structures like road covers and ditches, eradicating exotic species, and implementing a long-term management plan with prescribed fires. The site is located in sections 26, 27, and 35 of Township 1 North, Range 28 West, between Bay and Robinson Point, south of Interstate 10.


The service area for GPMB is a modified version of the USGS eight-digit hydrologic unit, known as the Pensacola Bay watershed, covering parts of Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa counties. The restoration work will compensate for future wetland impacts in low-gradient, flat habitats within this area.


The Garcon Peninsula is noted for its unique and significant wet prairie ecosystems. The GPMB site, historically a wet prairie, had been severely altered by human activities. The mitigation plan aims to restore and protect these 337 acres, providing a viable alternative for mitigating impacts on similar habitats within the mitigation service area (MSA).

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