Mitigation Banks For Sale

Mitigation Banks for Sale

Victoria Colangelo at The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc. links interested buyers and sellers of mitigation banks throughout the state of Florida.  MBG, Inc also assists clients with the due-diligence and acquisition process by providing a detailed market analysis of current supply in the market and historic demand within that specific region. Victoria Colangelo connects Mitigation Bankers with suitable Investors looking to invest in a mitigation bank. Mitigation Bankers who are interested in entering the market rely on MBG, Inc. for vital historical analysis of mitigation credit sales and project data needed to help the process be seamless!

Credits for this bank are available.  Please contact Victoria for more information.

Mitigation Bank

Polk County, FL

Mitigation Bank

Volusia County, FL

Note to Interested Investors:
Permitting a mitigation bank is considered a high barrier to entry industry and risky due to the indefinite permitting timelines, standards and other unknowns. Entering the marketplace with a fully functioning mitigation bank permitted by both state and federal agencies is a unique, valuable long-term asset, that awards you less risk and a several years of time-savings.