Our Mission

At MBG, our mission is to streamline the mitigation process for our customers. We have the experience to minimize the complexity of mitigation and offer solutions that ensure sound investments while maintaining ecological integrity.

The Mitigation Banking Group Difference

The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc, (MBG) represents landowners throughout Florida who protect and preserve private land and restore the property back to its natural state (such as: removing invasive species from the land, planting native species, restoring the hydrology of the land, prescribed fires, etc…)

Since 2004, Victoria has successfully managed the mitigation credit purchases for 20+ mitigation & conservation banks throughout the State of Florida. In 2018, Victoria expanded her niche service, and has also been instrumental with the Sale of Mitigation Banks (Land & Credit Assets). Victoria is proven to be one of the best representatives in Florida to connect mitigation bankers & investors that want to purchase wetland/conservation mitigation banks.

What is a Wetland Mitigation Bank or a Conservation Bank?

Mitigation Banks are large parcels of land that are State and Federally permitted to provide Wetland Mitigation “Credits”. In exchange for the preservation and restoration of the land; Mitigation credits are awarded and can be sold to private & public landowners to “mitigate” for the loss of wetlands. The mitigation must be done within the same drainage basin/watershed to avoid a no-net loss of wetlands.

Meet Victoria


CEO & Founder

Victoria Colangelo

Victoria Colangelo is the Founder and CEO of The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc. She has been instrumental in the mitigation banking credit industry since 2004. Victoria’s vast background in the wetland mitigation and habitat conservation bank industry has designated her as one of Florida’s most sought after mitigation bank sales experts.  Victoria is passionate about partnering with mitigation bankers, environmental consultants and developers to achieve their highest goals while providing her clients with world-class service.
Victoria is responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies and forecasts that support existing relationships with industry partners and promote future growth for the industry. As part of her ongoing dedication to sustainability, Victoria continues to focus on wetland mitigation banks, habitat conservation banks, governmental regulatory politics and environmental interest groups. She is past President of the Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers (2016-2017) and is the past Treasurer of the Central Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (CFAEP), where she co-chaired the 2018 Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers (FAEP) Conference in Orlando, Florida. Victoria was also appointed in January 2019 to serve on the Seminole County Parks and Preservation Advisory Committee.

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