State 404 Program Workshop Chapters 62-330 and 62-331, F.A.C.

Workshops throughout Florida were conducted in Tallahassee, Orlando and Ft. Myers the last week of May 2018  to share with interested parties the new proposed changes to Chapter 62-330, F.A.C. The proposed changes are pending and they are anticipating a 6 month delay due to training at the FDEP level. They also reported that FDEP will manage the 404 Program the first initial year before it is delegated to the respective Water Management Districts.

The proposed changes also provide applicants the right to waive the permit issuance timeframes which provides some uncertainty on timeframes, in addition to permit deadlines as permits will not be extended beyond 5 years from the effective date .

In the workshop, they opened with the fact that the state of Florida will be just as stringent as the federal government has been with permitting regulation. Comment period is open until June 15, 2018, submit comments to

Please find more information by clicking here to access the powerpoint slides for this workshop.

View the Powerpoint: 404_Final