Lake Jesup Basin Mitigation Bank

Lake Jesup Basin Mitigation Bank

Since there are no mitigation banks within Lake Jesup, and a majority of the mitigation needs to stay in basin; we have offsite mitigation areas that are preserved with a conservation easement and donated to SJRWMD.

The credit pricing is $450,000.00/UMAM Credit.

If Federal Credits are needed, it will be an additional $30,000.00/WRAP Credit.

SJRWMD will consider 60% in basin and 40% out of basin. Out of Basin Credits could come from Colbert Cameron Mitigation Bank which is $40,000.00/State RATIO Credit or $50,000.00/State & Federal Credit.

Therefore, for each acre of an average quality wetland; the price would be $255,000.00/acre to provide State compensatory mitigation. An Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) from FDEP or SJRWMD would need to be authorized and approved to be able to purchase the state mitigation credits. If Federal Credits are required (wetland is navigable to another waterbody) a Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit from FDEP or USACOE.