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Accelerating Project Delivery Through Mitigation Banking: A 2024 Update

Mitigation Banking Industry Insights: U.S. House of Representatives Encourages Streamlined Approval of Bank Credits   Last week saw significant developments in the mitigation banking industry as the full Appropriations Committee approved the U.S. House of Representatives FY2024 Energy & Water Development Appropriations Report. A notable section of the report underlines the potential of mitigation banks to expedite project delivery.   Highlighting the Potential of Mitigation Banks According to the approved language in the report, the Committee acknowledges the promise mitigation banks hold for accelerating project

Mitigation Banking Legislative Update – March 2023

Mitigation Banking Legislative Update – March 2023 HB 1167 has been filed; and a Senate companion to HB 1167 has been filed – SB 1702. This bill will allow FDEP or a water management district to release state credits from a mitigation bank before the banks mets the mitigation success criteria specified in the bank’s permit when   (a) mitigation credits are not available in sufficient quantities to be sold or used to offset imminent and otherwise allowable adverse impacts within a mitigation service


Barberville Mitigation Bank In partnership with the County of Volusia, The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc. has been awarded the exclusive representation for the mitigation bank credit sales. The Barberville Mitigation Bank was permitted in 1996 by the St. Johns River Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The 1,083.29 acres is conserved & restored land that will forever be conservation and managed in perpetuity. The property provides to be the missing link to connect wildlife to the Lake Woodruff

Tampa Bay Florida: Mitigation Credit Availability Update

  Tampa Bay Florida: Mitigation Credit Availability Update   Credit Inventory Low: Tampa Bay Basin: Forested & Herbaceous Mitigation Credits are currently unavailable. All State & Federal Credits are Reserved. Forested Credits are anticipated to be available Quarter 2, 2023. & Herbaceous Credits are currently unavailable (indefinitely?)

SOS for Florida’s wetlands: Time is running out for government action

SOS for Florida’s wetlands: Time is running out for government action Will Florida’s wetland regulations return the Clean Water Act Section 404 permitting program back to the federal government due to the state’s lack of resources, familiarity, or political will to adequately tackle the more than 5,000 permit applications?   “There have been editorials written urging Gov. Ron DeSantis to rescue Florida’s wetlands by returning the Clean Water Act section 404 permitting program to the federal government. They cite the state’s lack of resources, familiarity,

COVID-19 Mitigation Banking Industry Update

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COVID-19 MITIGATION BANKING INDUSTRY UPDATE To the Florida Mitigation Banking Community: I hope this finds each of you safe and well during this time. The Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers strives to be a source of reliable information as changes occur throughout the mitigation banking industry.  As such, we want you to know that we are closely monitoring the effects of the COVID-19 situation and its direct impacts on our industry. The FAMB Board members are in frequent contact with the Corps, FDEP, and each

Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank

Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank just planted 20 acres last month after a nice looking burn was used to knock back rubus, dog fennel, and competitive pasture grasses (Bermuda and bahia). This site was used for cattle grazing and sod production in the past, so restoration efforts of Prescribed Burns, Planting, and Spraying has been a great prescription for this land. The Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank is scheduled to put 50,000 grass plugs (17 total species) on three-foot centers in the