Conservation Bank

Uniform Rules for Conservation Banks

Feds Advance Conservation Bank Rules The Fish and Wildlife Service today launched an effort to set uniform rules for conservation banks, an increasingly popular tool important for property owners, environmentalists and vulnerable species alike. In a belated move pushed by Congress, the federal agency initiated the first step in the rule-setting that’s supposed to culminate in improved protections for plants and animals listed under the Endangered Species Act. “Conservation banks contribute to the recovery of listed species and help reduce threats such

What is a Wetland Mitigation Bank?

What is a Wetland Mitigation Bank? Wetland Mitigation Banks are large-scale ecosystems that are blanketed by a conservation easement. The land will be maintained, monitored and restored back to its natural state and managed in perpetuity. By restoring the land back to its natural state; this will provide a no-net loss to the environment. Restoration activities include: restoring the hydrology, removing invasive species, planting native species, prescribed fires, etc… In exchange for being a good steward to the land, the landowner is awarded

Lake Wales Ridge Conservation Bank

LAKE WALES RIDGE CONSERVATION BANK The Lake Wales Ridge Conservation Bank which provides sand skink conservation credits along the Lake Wales Ridge in Florida recently completed a successful prescribed burn within a 57.8 acre range of the 363.5 acre conservation bank. The conservation bank also provided results that the exotic/nuisance species cover in the scrub area has been reduced to less than 1 percent! This 363.5-acre conservation bank, located in Polk County, Florida is one of the largest areas of pristine