Navigating Mitigation Banking for Development Projects

Navigating Mitigation Banking for Development Projects


Have you just bought a property that you were hoping to build on and found that a wetland habitat is on the property? Is a regulatory agency telling you that you will have to calculate the impacts that your development will have on the wetland and that you will have to purchase mitigation credits for those impacts?

Mitigation Banking Group simplifies the process, explaining the steps to take and help you purchase those mitigation credits from the right place, anywhere in the USA.

These steps may vary depending on the state you live in, the agency that regulates wetlands in your state, and the scenario of your proposed development.

Here’s a quick example of how the process goes:

  1. An environmental consultant will need to perform what’s called a wetland delineation; this may be lumped into a broader category of “environmental assessments”.
  2. The consultants will submit their delineation to the appropriate agency for approval and begin the permitting process.
  3. Following approval, a licensed professional land surveying team will provide the consultants with a certified wetland survey, which they’ll use to calculate the extent of the impact that your project will have on your wetlands.
  4. Mitigation value for the impact area is assessed using methods such as the Universal Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) or the Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (WRAP).
  5. The calculated mitigation value is then utilized to arrange the purchase the appropriate mitigation credits from a mitigation bank, typically within the same hydrologic basin. A purchase agreement for the credits must be provided to the appropriate agency during the permitting process.

By now, you’ve found a project site, assessed environmental conditions, planned the design around sensitive areas, and calculated unavoidable impacts. You’re working through permitting and are so close to your “notice to proceed” but you need to purchase mitigation credits!

That’s where Mitigation Banking Group, INC. and come in!

Use the instructions provided below to find vital information about available mitigation banking options and call Mitigation Banking Group for more information and all your mitigation banking needs!