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Connecting Wetland Mitigation Bank Buyers and sellers in Florida

Victoria Colangelo at The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc. links interested buyers and sellers of wetland mitigation banks throughout the state of Florida. Since 2004, Colangelo has been in the mitigation banking industry and through this experience her network of mitigation bankers throughout the state of Florida connects mitigation bankers that want to sell wetland mitigation banks with mitigation bankers, investors, private equites, agriculture investors that want to purchase wetland mitigation banks. In 2019, Victoria Colangelo connected the buyer and seller of two

Wetland Delineation

Back in February 2020, Colangelo had the pleasure of going on a wetland delineation in Sanford, Florida with Bill Griffy of Ecological Consulting Solutions, Inc. The landowner was uncertain what he was able to do or not do with the property for development purposes. An environmental consultant, like Bill Griffy, can do a wetland delineation for your project to see where the wetland lines lay and also determine the quality of the wetland depending on the Location & Landscape, Water

The Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers (FAMB) 2020 Annual Workshop

Victoria Colangelo is proud to be on the FAMB workshop committee for The Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers (FAMB) 2020 Annual Workshop! Please join us on Friday, February 27th- February 28th at the Omni Jacksonville. *Panelist discussions from: The Florida Department of Transportation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in addition to those from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, FDEP and Water Management Districts. A special session will

Drainage Basin & Mitigation Bank Updates

Updated: Florida Drainage Basins Watershed Map If you require wetland mitigation on land you are developing, you must purchase mitigation bank credits from the same drainage basin. Plot your project location to find out which drainage basin your project is located in. ACCESS MAP Florida Mitigation Banks & Service Areas Which mitigation banks service my project location? Each Mitigation Bank Permit identifies a geographic area served by the permitted mitigation

National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference Recap

Every year I attend the National Mitigation Banking Conference to connect with key leaders and stay up to speed on how the mitigation, ecosystem & conservation banking industry is doing. Love this conference as it brings together policy, business, science and people investing in the environment for a few days. Below are a few recap videos I did while in Minnesota with some of the things I took from the conference each day. Day 1   Day 2   Interview with

National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference: Conversation with John Paul Woodley Junior

During the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference, I had the honor of sitting down with John Paul Woodley Jr. and talking with him about our industry. John Paul is a former Assistant Secretary of the Army. Here is our interview:   During John’s time with The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Corp released a rule to clarify how to provide compensatory mitigation for unavoidable impacts to the

Part 3: Waters Of The United States – The Rapanos

Author: Steve Zwick In 2006, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia jettisoned two centuries of legal precedent to redefine “Waters of the United States” as only being rivers, streams, and lakes. It’s a definition that left 98 percent of the country’s waters unprotected by federal agencies but was largely ignored – until Donald Trump ordered the EPA to make it the law of the land. Click here to read the