Mitigation Credit Sales Process

Process for Selling Mitigation Credits, Start to Finish


  1. Identify the Mitigation Need
  2. Follow Up with Client until Mitigation Credit Reservation is needed
  3. Securing the project as a sale
  4. Obtain Project Details
  5. Draft & Send Mitigation Credit Purchase Agreements
  6. Obtain the deposit and signed agreement
  7. Draft & Send reservation letters to the respective agencies
  8. Track permitting status
  9. Coordinate necessary credit reservation extensions
  10. Invoice for final payment when Reservation Period Approaches (2 weeks before)
  11. Track state and/or federal permit issuance
  12. Coordinate with state and/or federal agencies with credit ledger deductions

 Customized Marketing Strategy

MBG will develop a marketing and business development plan specific to your bank including:

  • Coordinate the development of marketing materials
  • Website Optimization for Mitigation Bank
  • Market Strategy for Historic Applicants within Service Area
  • Identify and coordinate meetings with key developers and their environmental consultants in the mitigation bank’s service area
  • Join and represent mitigation bank at appropriate local and state organization workshops, meetings and conferences
  • Perform Market Research To Generate New Sales Leads
  • Guide Permitees Through the Credit Sales Process to Successful Credit Sale Close
  • Innovative, Out-Of-The-Box Thinking/Unique Solutions for Difficult Projects (i.e. Out of Basin Mitigation)
  • Establish & Maintain Business Relationships with Industry Influences and Key Strategic Partners
  • Administratively Close All Credit Sales Through Communication and Paperwork with Relevant Agencies 

Monthly Report of Credit Sales Summary & Future Projected Credit Sales

A monthly marketing report will be generated for the mitigation bank and will provide detailed information on pending projects and new project leads. This report gives detailed activity and a running log of year to date cash flow with forecasted credit sales.