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Crooked River Mitigation Bank For Sale

Crooked River Mitigation Bank For Sale

Permitting a mitigation bank is considered a high barrier to entry industry and risky due to the indefinite permitting timelines, standards and other unknowns. Entering the marketplace with a fully functioning mitigation bank permitted by both state and federal agencies is a unique, valuable long-term asset, that awards you less risk and a several years of time-savings.

Market Analysis

The Mitigation Banking Group, Inc. has been retained to provide a complete market research analysis for wetland mitigation banking in the Florida market. The analysis includes a full review of existing and pending mitigation banks in the marketplace and their inventory, analysis of historic sales of mitigation credits within each basin, a projection of credit sale absorption, and current and estimated credit pricing in each basin. MBG provides multiple in-depth market research and analysis studies that clearly map mitigation banking trends

Top 5 Reasons Why to Use Mitigation Banks

Top 5 Reasons on why purchasing mitigation credits from a mitigation bank is preferred to providing offsite or onsite mitigation   Save Time A developer using a mitigation bank will have reduced permitting time. The permitting practice is a more streamlined process since mitigation banks are already constructed and functioning. Wetland Mitigation banks are already approved by local, state, and federal agencies. Save Money Wetland impacts can be offset by property on-site or off-site (purchasing additional land within the same drainage basin to construct functioning