Customized Mitigation

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The Mitigation Banking Group Difference


In-depth knowledge of the mitigation and conservation banking industry.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our clients.

Project Management

We manage the complex relationships between landowners, government entities and environmental consultants to provide the best and most cost-effective mitigation solutions in a timely manner.

How Mitigation Banking Benefits Your Project

What We Provide

With great attention to detail and customer service, MBG helps ensure successful mitigation projects for both developers and Mitigation Bankers.

Comprehensive Support

Our team is with you every step of the way when purchasing and securing mitigation credits.

Enhanced Permit Coordination

Our experience benefits our clients through enhanced permitting and regulation knowledge. This allows us to optimize your project timeline.

For Landowners

Mitigation & Conservation Banking offer long-term project solutions by offsetting unavoidable impacts to wetlands, protected species and other aquatic resources. Mitigation & Conservation Banking eliminate any risk to the environment by ensuring successful mitigation is already in place and thriving.

Mitigation & Conservation Banking also provides predictable mitigation costs (allowing you to manage project costs and risks), eliminates design, construction, monitoring and maintenance responsibilities, provides greater ecological benefit than small and isolated wetland enhancement projects, and most importantly, reduces the regulatory review process.

As part of the project team, we help our clients eliminate risk while ensuring long-term successful mitigation that benefits the environment. Our experience in successfully directing mitigation projects throughout the state of Florida adds value to your project by eliminating risk and providing predictable project costs. By using a mitigation bank for your project, you streamline the permitting process and save time and money. Our project team brings together planning and scientific expertise to benefit your project.

For Mitigation Bankers

With connections to industry leaders, we help market your project to the most qualified leads and ensure project success through our comprehensive services. MBG assists mitigation banks by streamlining the process in all aspects of mitigation credit sales.

  • Perform Market Research To Generate New Sales Leads
  • Guide Permittees Through the Credit Sales Process to Successful Credit Sale Close
  • Monthly Report of Credit Sales Summary & Future Projected Credit Sales
  • Innovative, Out-Of-The-Box Thinking/Unique Solutions for Difficult Projects (i.e. Out of Basin Mitigation)
  • Facilitation of Credit Release Scheduling and Deductions
  • Market Research Analysis & Marketing Strategy
  • Establish & Maintain Business Relationships with Industry Influences and Key Strategic Partners
  • Administratively Close All Credit Sales Through Communication and Paperwork with Relevant Agencies