Missing Link Mitigation Bank

Missing Link Mitigation Bank

The Missing Link Mitigation Bank is 620 acres of land in the Southern Ocklawaha River and Palatlakaha River (Nested) Basin, located in Polk County, Florida . The land consists of mixed wetland hardwoods, cypress domes and strands, wet prairies, wet flatwoods, and upland pine flatwoods.

The land was been previously degraded by ditching, cattle grazing, planted pine plantation, exotic species invasion, and prolonged fire suppression, resulting in significantly degraded wetland habitats.

The restoration of the land will consist of enhancement and restoration of wetlands and uplands through plantings, nuisance/exotic vegetation removal, restoration of historic drainage patterns and hydrologic connections through the construction of nine (9) low water crossings, tree thinning, prescribed burning, and preservation through execution of a conservation easement. The land will be restored to its natural state by backfilling ditches, pine tree thinning, exotic species eradication, and reintroduction of prescribed fire to restore all of the wetland and upland buffer habitats to their optimal condition.

The Missing Link Mitigation Bank provides freshwater forested and freshwater herbaceous credits available, which is approved by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and the St. John’s River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

Mitigation Credits offset adverse impacts to wetlands caused by regulated activities. Mitigation Banks achieve viable, sustainable ecological and hydrological wetland functions.